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2018-2019 Players list

Again this year, we prepare a players list with more than 350 players and goalies. The list is available to you for free.

You can choose between the PDF version or the EXCEL one. Feel free to edit and share with your friends.

[Alex Killorn] The moment NHL says you can skate again!

Reddit /r/hockey | 28 May 20h20

Chara (6'9") and Gerbe (5'5"). Gotta love a sport where two people like this can compete.

Reddit /r/hockey | 28 May 05h52

[Lysowski] Eichel: "Look, I'm fed up with the losing & I'm frustrated. ... It's been a tough couple of months. It's been a tough five years. ... I want to win the Stanley Cup every time I start a season. ... I'd be lying if I said I'm not getting frustrated with the way things are going."

Reddit /r/hockey | 28 May 20h33

Disgruntled, longtime Buffalo Sabres fan lists team for sale on Craigslist

Reddit /r/hockey | 28 May 17h56

NHL Magical Girls! [Design Doodles]

Reddit /r/hockey | 28 May 16h22
I was told to share these! Over the past few months, I've been making magical girl designs based off of each NHL team. :) Reposted because I forgot to put the Isles in the post! [https://imgur.com/gallery/uYu4Ozq](https://imgur.com/gallery/uYu4Ozq)

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[Traikos] Eichel: "It adds to the frustration that you can’t get to a 24-team playoff. Our goal at the beginning of the season wasn’t to make the 24-team playoff. It was to make a 16-team playoff."

Reddit /r/hockey | 28 May 21h00

NHL confirms 2019-20 Award winners: Bruins (President's Trophy), Leon Draisaitl (Art Ross), Alex Ovechkin and David Pastrnak (Rocket Richard), and Tuukka Rask and Jaroslav Halak (Jennings Trophy).

Reddit /r/hockey | 28 May 20h11

Alberta asks Trudeau to lift travel ban for NHL

Reddit /r/hockey | 28 May 18h09

[Strang] USA Hockey President Jim Smith under investigation for handling of abuse allegations

Reddit /r/hockey | 28 May 17h59

Ovechkin Wins His NHL Record Ninth "Rocket" Richard Trophy - The Capitals captain is just the third player in NHL history to lead the League in goals at the age of 34 or older.

Reddit /r/hockey | 28 May 20h36

[TSN 1200] Connor Brown's agent, Jeff Jackson, tells TSN that the Sens have indicated they would like to re-sign Brown to a multi-year contract. Connor Brown is open to staying in Ottawa long term.

Reddit /r/hockey | 28 May 17h56

[Akim Aliu] The NHL left out of this PR statement the part about my journey IN THE NHL and the racism I and countless other black players / minorities experience IN THE NHL. To live up to your ideals, you need to listen to what we are actually saying, and not try to erase history.

Reddit /r/hockey | 28 May 21h15

Since you all liked the first one, here is an updated bracket with the round robin. (still no news on re-seeding)

Reddit /r/hockey | 28 May 20h18

[Canes] Carolina Hurricanes sign a 5-year lease extension until 2029 to stay at PNC Arena, and commits $1 million to youth hockey and charities in NC for each year of the extension

Reddit /r/hockey | 28 May 21h00

[Basu] Marc Bergevin says if doctors determine it would not be safe for Max Domi to play because he is a diabetic, then he won't play.

Reddit /r/hockey | 27 May 23h25